Update filler time because I’m pro

Have some good news and bad news.

Good news is that I’m going to be adding more dreams I’ve had to the blog.

Bad news is a lot of personal stuff is making me feel embarrassed about talking about myself (Thank you family…) so it’ll be a while before it talk about the family I have but for making it clear, I love my family (aside from my dad…I’m getting that looked at though)

As for the dream, I have a few I can post but firstly when I get time I’ll be adding to the Marseilles story/dream as its proved popular with a few people. Hopefully I can stay true to the character and make it a further enjoyable tale to read.


I love paper Mario and this theme is just catchy.

For those sorts of mood.

For love ❤


Now have some pictures.

I wish this wasn't true for me. Source: Internet

Yandere, not my taste, Source : Danbooru

Sexy Reward for the end.

I don't care. Source : Danbooru


3 responses to “Update filler time because I’m pro

  1. hurrah, doesn’t make you less of a dope for being a coward who runs away from his problems.

  2. Just because I haven’t spoken to you on MSN for a week or so does not make me a coward who is running away from a problem Hiryu. I am no running away I just have more important stuff to deal with like the final month of education I have.

  3. >Hiryu
    what? some sap links me to this and you think is that guy?, he pretty much gave me this account.

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