Feels Meh man

I’m not even going to give the time of day to the reason why I haven’t updated in a while. Simple, life overrides blog. Anyway today I’m goign over how I get mad sad or whatever.

The thing, the annoying little petit part of me, the child in me always does this when I get mad. When I get mad at someone I ignore them. TO THE MAX.

When I get annoyed I won’t block a person, for some reason I won’t do that but heck no matter how many messages get sent my way by any form be it IRC, Steam, Skype or MSN. I get the feeling that it really irks some people is because they never know why I started ignoring them. For reasons unknown to them I’ll be ignoring them

Well I can’t seem to be happy with what I’ve wrote so maybe I’ll use an example. 3 months after a little situation that upset occurred I did something childish and started to ignore someone. Now with it being 3 months after said event the person I was ignoring become confused greatly and started to ask me why I was doing this but I just flat out ignored them, I never blocked them just ignored them. So after the next so many weeks whenever I logged in to a instant messenger service I got a one sided conversation to read and it lasted so long that another freind got involved asking me why and I ignored them  as well.

Eventually I did just come up and apologise but they didn’t talk to me afterwards. What goes around comes I round I guess. OF course now I’m reluctant to say sorry at all  just in case that the same getting ignored back situation arises.

I can’t seem to get my words out here so I’ll end it now. Later.

I don't care?


One response to “Feels Meh man

  1. >Eventually I did just come up and apologise
    how about instead of “eventually” you do it “quickly” Do you have any slight idea on how much are you straining relationships due to your own damn quirk?

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