-Marseille & I-

Okay so once upon a time I had a dream which I remember quite vividly and I typed it. It would seem that media influenced me greatly as a fictional character from some media I saw  is in this dream. guess that’s a human conscious thing eh? Anyway the dream, this is it.

I should point out a few things about this dream,

  1. In order to better tell it I did change a few thing to make it easier to read, if I told it exactly like I experienced it you would find it hard to read.
  2. The women in the story is a sort of mix, in the dream is fluctuated between 2 people, a real one and a fictional one. I’m using the fiction person  as I enjoyed it more and saves the other person embarrassment.
  3. No I have no idea why I was driving, I can’t drive and won’t till I need to.
  4. If you know who the fictional person is then kudos to you.
  5. I get it, by the end of this you’ll think “This is pretty much self insert fan fiction” and you’re welcome to think that.

Now our feature presentation.

Artist : Humikane

-Marseille & I-

“Turn left here” She said

“Is that what it said?”

“Yes, why ‘d you ask?”

“Well it’s kind of hard to understand the SatNav when it’s speaking in German.”

“Well I understand it”

“Well that maybe true and all but you’re not the bloody driver!”

I sighed as she scoffed to herself and turned her head away towards her window ignoring my complaint. Why she had insisted on being the SatNav’s translator was beyond me, it was such an inconvenience yet she was abnormally stubborn about it and I wasn’t in the mood to argue, not when we had planned to go on a trip like this.

“Hey” I asked


“Is this the exit coming up?”

“No why?”

“But it says the name right there.”

“SatNav says we still need to go another two hours.”

“It’s only an hour away from home, what do you mean it’s still two more hours”

“That’s what the SatNav says”

“Did you type the address in German?”

“Yeah why?”

I sighed and turned off at the junction muttering to myself.

“Hey why did you turn off? It said carry straight on!”

“Maybe if you’d of paid attention you’d realise that it’s not going to take us 2 more hours to get there but rather we’ll arrive there 2am tomorrow. This address takes us to Germany because you typed the address in German!”

Source : danbooru

She didn’t say anything as I seized the SatNav, pulled into a side road and set the correct address and understandable language before continuing on our ‘merry’ way. I guess she didn’t want to admit her mistake and saying anything would only make it worse for us. Eventually after a short while we arrived at the theme park.

“I can’t see the park, are you sure this is it?” She asked me with tone of what I read as smugness

“Yes, the car park is so big it’s on the outskirts we have to take a monorail there.”

“Oh”  she said in a surprised tone, I guess she never expected me to be so sure of myself.

After a brief walk there she stared at almost everything possible till we arrived at the station and boarded the monorail. I gave a look at the clothes she had picked out for the day, a black leather jacket, a tan shirt, a petit white skirt and large black boots.

“Why’d you wear boots with a skirt? It looks silly.”

She glared at me before almost literally spitting out at me, “Why’d you wear a waist coat out to a theme park!?”

“At least it all my clothes match up unlike your highness!”

I turned my head away in a snobbish way and crossed my arms. She did the same with an audible humph. The carriage became quiet and I felt the eyes of other park goers stare at us both. I did turn my head to look at her from time to time but when I did she was never looking.

At the park entrance we both had settled down enough to talk civilly to each other as we brought our tickets. At a rentable locker we dumped our stuff and discussed what we would go on first.

“I want to go on this!” she demanded pointing at a map, it was of course the biggest and most terrifying ride in the park, the newly opened ‘G Turn’ I gave her a solid “No” in response.

“Why. Not.”

“Why? Because you and every other adrenaline junkie ever always do the same thing. We’ll get there and queue for the whole day missing out on everything else.”

“We are going on th-“

“We’ll get a fast track pass”


“If we come back at the time it tells us to we can get onto the ride almost instantly, no queuing and we can enjoy the other rides”

“Alright fine but I better get a go-”

“We’ll go on rides close to the G Turn so we won’t have to rush okay? We’ll go on this one first.”

I pointed to a crooked old cottage nestled in some trees, it had a sign next to it saying ‘Mad Monster Mashers’

“What do we do here?” She asked

“Well you ride around the cottage in a cart and you shoot the monsters as they pop up with the weapons they give you and at the end they give you a score”

“I see…” her eyes narrowed as she stared down the cottage, only once inside did I realise my mistake.

It's a screen cap from a show, what do you want me to say?

Sat down in the cart we were in the front section with a mother and two children behind us. Marseilla sat in the middle with me to her right and as we set off she eyed the first doorway like a cowboy, fingers tightly gripping her weapon. As the first target reared its head she grabbed the spare laser blaster from the seat next to her and proceeded to shoot with one in each hand. She was way too enthralled by the game as she failed to notice my face meeting her elbow as she swung her arm across to get a target to the right. Even outside she didn’t get the hint.

“Haha! I got the parks highest ever score and you didn’t even get half that.”

“I’m sorry I got attacked by a horrible monster” I retorted while rubbing my nose

“Well you should have shot it then.”

I groaned and just came out with it

“You hit me”


“You hit me! You were too busy trying to get a high score you failed to realise you hit in the face! Look!”

I took my hand off nose to let her see how sore it was. She didn’t seem to care as she gave an awkward laugh and a smart comment “You should of dodged it, I thought you were quicker than that.”

“Urgh! You stupid bint”!

“What did you just call me? Did you just call me bitc-“

“I said Bint! You are a stupid Bint!”

She looked annoyed and confused “What’s a bint?”

“It…” I sighed “It means Arabic for daughter but where I’m from it means young women okay? I never meant what you were thinking of, I’d never think that okay?”

“Alright then, I think I can accept that but man up and lets go.”

“Fine…”  I muttered, slightly annoyed that she didn’t realised how much I was in pain

“Right I’m hungry let’s eat.”

“Okay what do you want?”


I rolled my eyes and said “Fine follow me.” Eventually we came across a cheap food stand selling hot sandwiches, Panini’s and pizza slices. I opted for a Panini while she chose a large pizza slice topped with lots of pepperoni . She quickly scoffed it down before declaring she was ready to go, I had yet to get half way through my food.

Source : Pixiv

“Let’s go on the log flume next” I suggested


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” She shouted to one in particular “Let’s go.”

I shrugged and followed her as she stormed off towards the log flume. She stood by the entrance and didn’t go in till after I had walked though. Standing behind me in the line she seemed to be unable to control herself as she fidgeted with nigh on everything within reach including the buckle on the back of waist coat.

“Huh? Whats wrong with my waist coat?”

“Uh nothing it was just undone. I was fixing it”

“Oh okay, thanks”

“No problem…uh how longs this going to take hm? We’ve been here ages”

“We’ve been queuing five minutes, are you okay?”

“I’m fine”

“Are you sure? Do you need to..?”

“NO! I’ve never been better!”

“Oh okay then.” I shrugged it off. “Oh the lines moving.”

“Oh yeah of course going to be on the ride soon. Fun ride. Great Ride.”

When we got to the front of the queue she had turned to silence and despite my efforts to get her to talk she wouldn’t response with a language I could understand. When walking to the log and the start of the ride she walked right behind me almost uncomfortably close. She seemed to latch on to my waist coat and not let go till the last minute as we got into the log.

I found out why she sounded reluctant. On the way up the first drop she told me “I don’t like boats”

“But this is a log flume not a boat”

“It’s the rocking and well…you’re not meant to ride boats down big drops”

As we hit the top she grabbed my hand on the hand railing gripping it painfully tight digging her nails in. As we dropped down the flume my scream of pain was drowned out by the screams of thrill seekers with us. At the bottom of the first drop I felt the eyes of resentment glare into the back of my neck giving me a shiver. This continued till the end of the ride but when we

Afterwards she seemed better, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought”

“Maybe for you” I muttered before prompting her to follow me to the G Turn

Now it was my turn to be nervous, I hate big rides and with the supposed biggest ride in Europe I was dreading it

“What’s wrong?” she asked “You look like you’ve seen a ghost”

“It’s nothing let’s just go”

“Hm okay”

What felt like an aeon passed and before I knew it we were perched above a huge drop looking down across the whole park, I looked at her to gauge how she felt and see was grinning widely as if she’d just gotten revenge against someone, perhaps she had?

Barely a minute later and it was over. I staggered out from the exit behind a skipping Marseille. She proudly proclaimed to me that “was the funniest ride I’ve ever been on” she twirled on the spot before continuing “Right I’m hungry, let’s get a snack” I groaned and she just laughed “Awww what’s the matter? Did you big ride scary you hmmm?”  I just glared at her before standing up a straight and walking towards a cafe.


Source : Pixiv

The End?

Well thats that. If you enjoyed it, tell me. maybe I’ll expand on it some more.

For now have you sexy cute reward for getting to the end.

source? guess it


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