Losing a friend

Welp it was a very busy week so I’m back now and hopefully for good. Today I’m talking about the losing something close to you and

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Well I guess I’ll explain why I’m very very hostile to the concept of any illegal substance. Now before I go right into this, when I say “lost a friend” I do not mean he is dead (He may well be for all I know considering the route he took), I just mean that I have broken off communications, never spoke to him nor seen him again and any mention of him is usually about what happened to him. So to state what you can already guess, I lost a friend to drugs and the wrong crowd.

When I was in middle school I had a friend who I’ll refer to as John. John was one of my best friends since the start of middle school. When I went from Primary School to middle school I lost about 95% of my friends due to different catchment areas for schools. I went to one school while everyone else went to another. I became quick friends with John and we use to play for ages as school kids on our playground. The 4 years of middle school were very happy for me. beautiful ignorant bliss (hey we were just kids then). It wasn’t till a year into high school things went bad. A new kid came into our school and I’ll call him Kieren for now. Kieren was a spoilt kid and in general a bad person and some how he got to John they would be together most of the time and I was spending less and less time with John. Johns grades dropped and he generally got more and more irritable and hostile towards people, I was still his friend so I kept by him but it didn’t last. He started smoking and eventually he started to bully me and others using the its all in good fun excuse if I got upset.

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Another year into high school and both Kieren and John went into the same private school and that is when I lost him. We talked a little but eventually it just stopped. I soon found out he had started taking drug and other illegal substances. Eventually I cut him out of my life. A former best friend now gone completely, he was now a drug doing Chav a thing I despise.  The story may be short but he was a best friend to me, someone who back then I’d confide in but now he is nothing but a husk. The weird thing was that his parents were foster carers who took in children who were taken from family’s with drug problems or abuse and he would always say how his parents were doing a good thing looking after these children. He turn into the very thing he hated and that is the saddest thing. That is why I’m hostile to drugs and stuff.

Anyway… Enough sad stuff.

So right now I think I’ll drop some fiction but that will be in the next post as I want to separate this sad thing from the fiction. Till then. Tah tah’

The Glamerous



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