Social life

Haha, each week is a contest to find something risqué for the sexy part of the blog without making some people on Facebook freak out about the content. Ah well!

The week was good and the weekend is looking better than ever. Despite some work a long the way I’ve enjoyed myself a lot more this week than I have for the past couple weeks, and naturally I’ll share it in good time but for now I’m soaking it in and enjoying it. The myself and media is all mixed into one this time.

I’m going to use this post to break away from the style of post I’ve set, by that I mean structure not how it reads. I’m doing away with the,

Shortened posts like this which often force pictures placed within them to become distorted and odd looking.

So now I’ll make a title and just go with it.

Artist: Astrick Storage

Social Experience online.

I think because I’m not face to face with someone when socialising online it becomes easier for me to be who I really am. When face to face with someone at university, if I’m not that comfortable I will tend to say very little being not only shy but very careful about the words I use. That said, I tried to be a little more peppy when I moved into university accommodation and I’m guess its worked but while I am happy with my flat mates they aren’t the people I’m going to open completely up to but I’m still happy for them to learn about me in other ways such as this blog. Back to the title I have a lot of good freinds online and because we are all so disconnected physically it means we are all much more open with each other than we are perhaps with our friends living with us in our local area.

For the moments that are awesome!

Truly I am often incredibly happy after a gaming session with friends online. Unlike the horror of flat mate split screening gaming (Which I am banned from for being a bit too good) after an online session I am usually always simling and in a good mood. Even if we lose our game the laughs we have more than made up for it. The chaos of three guys and/or girls frantically typing out messages of warnings and tactics during an RTS is a thing that fills me with satisfaction that I find hard to get with face to face social activities at pubs, games not etc. I have one of my best freinds living away at a different university and he said to me one night if I wanted to play Team Fortress with him and a friend, I accepted and impatiently waited till we started, we played for hours on end and at the end I actually found myself saying thank you to both him and his friend for inviting me, the lack of an enjoyable social experience at home made me enjoy the online social so much I half didn’t want it to end but it was getting way too late.

This isn't Cap-Tan but the other guy that I forgot... (fyi TF2 heavies)

This isn’t to say I never have good social experiences in my local area. I have just today come home from a Paper Homebrew RPG that I enjoyed to no end, the corniness of it all combined with the relaxed humorous setting means each week I’m going back and enjoying myself again. Props to my man Adam for organising it as its so much fun, man, I hope its just as good next week, if only to see what else can be broken or is broken. That shotgun weapon, wasn’t quite think there haha.

On the other side it is not to say I haven’t had a bad internet social experience. Again a IRC based RPG I played fell apart because perhaps we weren’t together in the same room, yes the same IRC channel but without a face to face aspect the rules and player relations  often were strained. I’ll give my criticism, the DM wasn’t there half the time and let some people get away with near murder and n RPG games that a game break especially when its a social heavy RPG. Problem players were not dealt with and the story collapsed at the end with help from all the players. Shortly afterwards another different RPG was made by the players who were still passionate about the game but sadly I joined for a session and never returned and I’m not going to talk about why I didn’t return today.

Beautiful no? I have this one on my phone for no good reason.

One last thing about online social experience and a bit of it I enjoy. I have a friend and she’ll know who she is as I get on with it. I have a friend that I guess I could say I gossip with. We talk to each other about the things going on in each others lives and often its the things that are troubling us, I’ve talked to her about my problems with people and she has done the same likewise. We seem to confide with each other and despite a vast distance between us we share a common academic like and a common media like (aka we both study the same thing and watch the same thing) She has helped me feel better about myself at times and for that I thank her, if you are reading this girl, thanks, it means alot to me.


Weirdly adorable right? Source: Danbooru

I guess I’m not making an overall point here but rather just saying where I have or haven’t enjoyed myself in both the world local to me (I refuse to call it IRL for whatever reason) and the world past my physical borders (aka internet) I guess I like isolationism from the physical world but I know that the comforts of the world local to me is something I know I must and can enjoy. Now that I see my word count hitting 1000 words NOW! That is silly timing but whatever haha. For getting once again to the end I will again reward you with sexy. I would just to test the waters ask you, what would you like to say about myself? Not too hard eh? Only one person has to ask and I’ll go ahead and type my best. Till the next time I type. Bye Bye.


Source : Danbooru/Pixiv

P.S  Do people enjoy these pictures?


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  1. I, for one, enjoy the pictures.
    The writing is ok too.

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