Well I guess I can call for a celebration because today is my one week anniversary and while what I write about may not be as structured as I’d want I feel that the fact I have do a blog post for everyday (aside that one day when I did a post earlier making it two in a day) OH WELL ITS TOO LATE I FAILED AT THAT IT NOW COUNTS AS TOMORROWS POST I am being committed to it. Hurray. This must be what it’s like to get married. Hahaha. Now read and weep at my relationship with phones, what made me feel romantic today and last but  not least what I’d rather watch on TV (aka what would make me shell out for a TV license to watch TV live)

I honestly don’t use my phone much. Maybe I’m resistant to it or something but I honestly don’t use it to socially text. If there is a matter of business I will start a text conversation but socially, texting is something I’ll never start to enjoy. I think I may not like my phone as it forces  the obligation of texting back when someone texts me, forces me to be more “connected” with everyone than I’d want. Not every text is wanted even socially. there are at times I thought I’d rather not text that person but I’m going to have to now. This is also why I’m on pay as you go and not contract. I barely use my phone and I don’t want to use it any more than I have to. In short I don’t like the obligation of having a phone which is why I don’t upgrade, stay on pay as you go and use it mostly for an alarm. That said I’m hypocrite because I love using the web to communicate, maybe because I can then talk to ALL my friends rather than a few that have my mobile.

If you got this I'll give you credit.

Well now for me talking a little more about love. More so, what weird things spur me to romantic.

I was listening to a Vocaloid song today and generally I won’t look up the lyrics to Japanese or other foreign language songs as I’m just happy with listing to the beat not caring what the lyrics mean but this time I did have a look and really I shouldn’t have.

For whatever reason this PV, thankfully subbed, made me feel like being quite romantic but there was a few problems. One being that I had no one to be romantic to (maybe?) and the other was that the entire song was about a selfish girl and for whatever reason I just liked it despite no one liking a selfish girl, I guess the cuteness of Miku got to me?

Some say they love a girl who can kick thier ass. Source: Pixiv

I’m stuck for words not so I’m going to say a few simple points.

1. I’m not very good at taking a compliment

2. It takes three months for something bad to really affect me in a significant emotional way.

3. I do not like being touched

4. If I am letting you touch me it means I’m either letting you and that means we are close OR you’re intruding and I’m trying not to freak out by keeping still and calm.

I’m tired, night folks.

Raita again.


One response to “Phone

  1. It’s all part of Miku’s ploy to make everyone like her ❤ it's her infectious charm!

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