I’m going to be lazy and use the old stuff I published else where on the internet.

The person I’m describing is from an Anime but I’m not saying the name as I am not only test my descriptive skills but also because the way I dreamt her was quite different to her character in the show. Here I am the same age as her, a young 15 year old, quite a naive period for me. I haven’t a dream about myself at a young age in quite a while and even this one was as recent as the past year I think. Anyway.


It was to the best of my memory a normal sunny day. Myself and a girl called ***** were walking in a typical cliche rural English village. ***** was an odd girl and was about my age. Her hair was a silvery white colour coming just down past her ears in a bob. Her clothes consisted of a stark black & white mix that mixed well with her hair. A white shirt, black skirt, black tights, black tie and a small black corset worn over the shirt.

Yeah shes evil, Source : Pixiv

It seemed we were doing simple shopping for a picnic but for some reason this girl was odd, she was acting like some sort of newly wed clinging on to my arm like her life depended on it. Everything seemed normal and as we went to a pet shop to have a nosy around she seemed to take an interest in the exotic bugs section. They all looked like they came from a jungle and not  many looked friendly. She didn’t buy anything and after a while she was looking around the back section of the shop as I chatted with the shop owner.

During my conversation with the male shop keeper he turned away to sort some items on the shelf behind the counter. Whilst he his back was facing me I then felt a sharp jab in the back of my left leg and I fell to my knees instantly as the world around me started to fade into darkness . I awoke on a bus travelling down a country lane, ***** was sat next to me smiling and holding my arm. When enquiring to what happened in the pet shop she didn’t know what I was talking about and acted like it was a big joke being played on her.

I shrugged it off as tiredness and eventually we came to a Stately home deep in the country side. We purchased an entrance ticket each and walked around the detailed and well kept gardens & fountains, each of us looked at the sights and listened to the sounds of nature. The whole time she wouldn’t let go of my arm and for some odd reason I couldn’t push her away or disengage ours arms now woven together. I felt as if rejecting her or pushing her away would harm me. Giving my best fake smile we continued on around the gardens and eventually into the stately home itself.

Source: woodhillbandb.co.uk

All she could go on about was how nice it would be to live there together in luxury and bliss as we walked around the different rooms and corridors taking in more sights and smells. Eventually we came to the cafe on the bottom floor and she finally reluctantly let me go so that we could sit down. Sitting opposite me she eyed me, constantly & innocently smiling at me . I stood up to go to the WC and  to wash my face, I just had to get away from her but as I stood up I froze to the spot. I couldn’t move any of my limbs, only my eyes obeyed me. I looked down at her sitting in the chair across the table. She was smiling at the cup of tea in her hands while humming.

All I could hear before I fell to the floor and blacked out was her repeating the line, ” Slower the clock ticks as it gets old, you’ll be mine forever till your life folds.”

I woke up rigid in bed not being able to move for a good 5 or 10 minutes after this dream. It feels like a memory telling me that I didn’t trust females when I was young and anime was just putting in a place holder of a female.

Whatever next?

Reward Picture:

Just Arty this time, Source : Danbooru


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