Weekend lengths

This is going to be a short post as Sunday night is the one night I can’t stay up late in as my Mondays are very busy. In fact I may make this the break I have in my daily blog. Who knows.

A little about how I sleep.

I have the worst sleeping pattern for someone who needs to be up early most days. I enjoy the night and thanks to the sugar of everyday junk food I tend to stay awake most days to at least 1am. If I didn’t have to be anywhere in the day I’d sleep until I was forced to get out of bed due muscles aching from lack of use.This was particularly bad in the summer or periods off from university. The sleeping pattern would swap in less than 2 days and the result would be a very unsociable Sam. Which is why I’m either doing short posts or no post on Sunday. I’ll be waking up early on Monday morning and won’t be back to my home till past 10pm more than 12 hours after I left.

For now I’m going to shower you with random pictures with no context. Enjoy.

Edit: This now feels very tumblr like, bad sam…

Artist : Teriyaki

Source : Pixiv Fantasia Series

Source : Internet

Source : Cosplay.com

Source : internetlolololol

Ah what do I know, I think I should stop typing these so late anyway as they seem to run out of steam very quickly. That or I haven’t got a passionate topic to talk about.

That said here is the end and as always, sexy maybe arty picture to end off with.

Artist :raita (or something like that)


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