Travel, trains and casuals.

This one is going to be a quick one as its not only already very late but I have to be some where early tomorrow.

I’ve been to a lot of places in my life and I was quite surprised to learn that a lot of people I know have never left the country (Or at least not left in it in living memory). I guess I don’t appreciate how lucky I’ve been to be able to travel so much in my 21 years of existence. I have gone to about 1/2 of the continents on the globe but unless I marked out on a map the places I’ve been I can’t be 100% sure. My most recent excursion was (as talked about in a previous post) was the USA, Austin Texas to be more precise. I had a great time despite aforementioned problems and I do want to go again when the weather is more suited to my island tastes.

Artist : Kabayaki Unagi

Anyway in no particular order I have visited these countries, USA, France, Spain, Austria, Turkey, Gambia, Egypt and the Netherlands. I have passed through many and I am only counting those I actually tread a foot in and those are, Luxembourg, Germany, & Canada. I think for a later post I’ll talk about about where in the USA I have visited as after all it is a big place and I’ve been three times.

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Train are a thing I use a lot and this is just to show people who hate travel by them that they aren’t that bad.

I’ll be honest, before I started university I was scared to death by the thought of train travel. It was only after I had taken the small 20 minute journey (no more than two stations in a straight line) about 15 times that I finally stopped worrying. The fear I was once afraid of was about getting lost on national railway system and ending up somewhere far away from where I wanted or needed to be. It gripped me firmly when ever I went past a station near to my home. Ironically I love steam trains and the thought of riding any train worried me.

Don't panic, I'm sure this is my train. Source : Danbooru

Now that I’ve got a routine and experience I’m not afraid to take on a train to anywhere. In fact I feel quite adept as planning out my route and I have owned several season tickets, Oyster cards and Rail cards. The point I’m making is that some thing you just need to do a lot in small sizable chunks, I’ve gone very well with going from local line to  main line as that changed is scale. I feel this is rattling on so I’m stopping for now. Maybe I’ll edit this is to be more how I want it later.

Source : Danbooru


Why can I not play a certain game without being called a casual?

Why is it that I can’t play Call Of Duty without getting an eyeful from some people. I like call of duty but I also like a lot of indie games, obscure games, retro games the works. As I said before I played BF2 for hours on end but because I like this popular title made recently I’m some sort of scrub who “can’t appreciate other titles because I pander to Activsion and Bobby K. This is why we can’t have nice things? Some things are popular for a reason other than marketing but some people can’t see that.

Ah well I’ll mull over this later. Again here is the sexy reward for getting to the end.

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  1. Cowadoody is bad and you should feel bad.

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