Self Reflection & Nostalgia 

Self reflection & Nostalgia .

Yet again a little about myself to start us off again and hopefully this time by the end I can do something decent about media rather than throwing it off and doing it half arsed or not at all.

For this part I’m going to talk about what clothes I like. If you already know me you’ll know I have a fondness for the smart/formal even in places were smart isn’t the common or even best choice. Is wasn’t till half way through my first university year that I began to dress like I’m know for. When I first started university I had used my fashion knowledgeable younger brother to help me buy some clothes. Before then I’d just wear whatever, forever, and buy that I mean I was wearing the same shoes till I was forced to buy a new pair as my heels were now touching the ground through a gaping hole. Jeans and a hoodie something I’d now only ever wear on a lazy day entirely at home. we brought a lot of casual smart clothes that were popular and well it was great. Not only did I feel good but I looked good and I can remember talking with people from my lecture on the train home about being metrosexual. I guess I was defined as such because I took care of my appearance, wasn’t as abrasive as some men and I was generally not a stereotypical sports player or something who was unhygienic . I think because I didn’t look like either extreme I was given this title, that and I openly used hand cream.

What some men see hand cream as, Source : Pixiv

I will explain the hand cream because there is a good reason for its use. When I had a job in my gap year I helped take the midnight delivers at a supermarket/ petrol station as well as working the till when its busy and restocking the shelves. I was shifting heavy weights in the form of carriages of food and drink stock constantly wearing big bulking gloves. This after a while stressed the hands. The environment I was working in was a constant air conditioned one and so this made the air very dry and thus it sapped the moisture from my hands making them very dry. Lastly stress of having my first job just made things worse so I learnt to get into the habit of buying hand cream and applying it at regular intervals during my shift. After a year of work it was just natural for me to do this whenever and that’s why I use hand cream, out of a work habit and well frankly some people like soft hands on a man.

If I was a girl with no glasses, I might look like this. Source : Danbooru

Back to clothing, during my second year of university I did shift from smart casual to just plain old smart. I loved looking smart, I thought it impressed people and in most cases it did even deciving some people on to what sort of person I was. By that I mean when I was on an my summer archaeological dig in 2010 I was told by a person that I was quite the good physical  labourer and they were surprised when I told them I grew up looking after pigs and chicken as they had assumed that I was from the city but truth be told I’m a country boy at heart raised and taught in the forest.


Guess I come over as one of these types.

Currently I’m a a mix, I’ve dropped the constant smart and gone for one day smart one day lumberjack? Yes I saw the trend of lumberjack jackets and I hopped on the bandwagon as what can I say, I liked it. Though mostly only for the jacket and the occasional shumper (shirt/jumper combo). That said I wear either Skate Shoes for more casual things and Smart Shoes for everything else. It is very odd to see Lumberjack jacket, jeans and then at the bottom very smart shoes, throws you off abit eh?

I like it but I wouldn't wear it. Source : Danbooru

A little about my experiences in the form of Anime Conventions. This again will surprise a few of my freinds. This has been edited from a rant I once had so the language will come off as bitter and harsh, I apologise.

Once upon a time I got invited to a Cosplay group after meeting some cosplayers doing the same series of anime as me. In my first proper group cosplay in the Expo afterwards I had fun even though only two weeks before the Expo I had almost had a bad turn from a suspected heart problem and looked & felt terrible. (It wasn’t my heart so they let me go and I was supposed to be at home resting but I didn’t want to miss the expo.)  I talked to girl who invited me to that group from the last Expo and I got to know her a bit better than what I learnt over MSN & IM’s. All is well, happy and fun despite me feeling horrible.

If I could pull this off I’d be happy, Source : Pixiv

After the Expo we talk online about what next years Expo Cosplay group is going to be, I already have plans for what I want to do so I skip the group this year but she wants me to do a Cosplay couple with her i.e. just two cosplayers for a series, I say that is fine and agree because shes a friend  and even though the guy I would be cosplaying is a far more muscular, attractive person than me aka I don’t look like him. A month goes by and she asks me again to join the Cosplay group. I say yes for the social aspect even though the character I would be doing didn’t look like me, was a duplicate and didn’t wear glasses. This meant I had to get contact lenses which cost £30 a month. I was now giving up both of my own Cosplay days for her but freinds stick with friends right?


I wasn't pulling anything off nearly this well. Source : 2ch

3 weeks before Expo she says she’s not doing the Cosplay couple thing so all the clothes I brought and sorted out get put to waste (That is £140 worth of items now all useless) I still go to the Expo, be part of the group even though I’m just a duplicate character and now due to the last minute change without a cosplay I want to do on day 2 of the Expo. On the day it was hot and I didn’t like it at all and later still my contacts were messing up and there wasn’t exactly a place to go take them out. I would of gone with them all for a meal between friends but I went to see an Opera with my girlfriend (I broke up with her a short while after, if I drank a Coca Cola around her,  both her and her friends would look at me as if I had killed a baby, quite perturbing. I’ll explain more about this girl friend at a later date.)


I wish it was this cold, I'd of faired better. Source :

Run up to the next con I get invited back I say yes right away so to get a Cosplay character that fits my build better but  the girl asks me to a tall, muscular, blonde character with short slicked back hair and blue eyes . (I’m medium sized brown hair, Hazel eyed, only 170cm and scrawny and wears glasses.) It’s basically not me in every way and she says she’ll take me to get my hair bleached. To be honest I don’t want to get my hair sliced and bleached.

Silly! Metroid is a Robot

Compared to the rest of the group who can just put on fakes glasses and all seem to be doing the cosplays that would be ideal for me I have a hard time saying yes. I say maybe/I guess I’ll do some clothing research and ask her for opinions on certain things. She disliked a lot of them on the grounds on “Not accurate enough”. I go check the Cosplay group list to see who else is in the group and I’m not even on the list people don’t know I exist. It was now a month to the next Expo when I finally decided to drop the group. I would of dropped out sooner but damn I liked this girl as a friend outside of cosplay but now for all her terrible past few months I was not liking her, I was too polite for my own good here.

Not my usual approach to things.

Since the Expo is on the new side for the UK its basically just a huge dealers room so Cosplay was the only reason I had to go as I could get the merchandise online much cheaper. With that gone I don’t see the point to go to Expos/Cons. I didn’t learn my lesson and I’ve still done cosplays I’d rather not do but ah well. I’ll learn eventually.

Now for the media bit and I’m covering how I feel about some older games on the Market.

I  love BF2, it was something that I’d play for hours and hours way back when I was in High school. I was still very new to online gaming at that stage so I wasn’t a team player but my memories of it are fond. I honestly have no idea if I were to play now how I’d feel about it, would I still enjoy it as much? Who knows but I’ll talk about what I remember. Being young I was naturally drawn to the sniper class and this being in the days before quick scoping and other such silly terms I played like a true sniper, up high on a cliff miles away from the action. Slowly but surely I got better at judging the bullet travel time that existed in BF2 and I was becoming adept at the long range shot. I remember the shots I took and I felt proud to be able to do them.

I was such a camper by todays standards.

I doubt it would be the same experience today. Now with ultra realism in the one hand and  arcade like styles of play in the other,  I have now a very different play style and this may not translate well on older games. I feel as if I should never go back a play so I don’t spoil the memory of my yesteryears. Much like Fire Emblem on the GBA, I will never play Bf2 again so not to spoil the fun I once had. What will I do when Bf3 comes? I have no idea. For now I’ll play other things and see if I can have just as much fun.

Till then, I’ll see you later. Bye.

Arty Sexy Reward again for getting to the end.


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