Me, Experience & Media

Me, Experience, Media

That is what I’m seeing the blog format as for now. A little about myself, a little about my experiences and something media related. So to kick this post off here is a little something about myself.

Italian Ace

Face concerning Tea & Alcohol, Artist : Gofu

My favourite drinks are not a varied bunch but sometimes interesting. I’m a teetotal so you won’t find anything like that but primary my favourite drink is Blackcurrant Ribena followed by Semi Skimmed Milk and then Diet Coke Caffeine free. Sad to say I have a drink choice of a 12 year old but to me they are the nicest ones. Ribena I can’t say much about as I’ve been drinking it since as far back as I can remember.


Hot Chocolate, Artist Unknown but from Pixiv

Semi Skimmed Milk I can explain, when I was working at the Night Shift on a petrol station the cheapest thing I could buy to drink was a pint of Semi Skimmed Milk. It was all I could afford to drink on a daily basis being cheaper than even bottled water. Over time I developed a love for it and now it’s my primary drink of choice when at the PC, it is also why I buy just single pint cartons and never 2 or 4 pint cartons as I would always buy the one pint a drink straight from the carton which is unwieldy with the 2 & 4 pint versions.


Won't get me doing this any time soon. Artist : Unknown from Danbooru.

3rd choice, diet Coke Caffeine free is odd because I seem to be the only person who drinks coca cola for the flavour and out of all those flavours the Caffeine free version is my favourite. it has the added benefit of me being able to drink some fizzy pop without having the caffeine and sugar keeping me awake when I need to sleep.

I can't find a jumper like this. Artist : Humikane

For whatever reason and despite being an Englishman I don’t like many hot drinks, in fact I can only take hot chocolate and warmed up blackcurrant squash. I have no idea why but I do enjoy a digestive biscuit dipped in tea but no the tea itself. Again the 12 year old drink taste become prevalent again.

Experience gained the hard way.

Sometimes the only way to learn something is to do it first and not watch it first. This is true for Archaeology and perhaps alot of fieldwork based subjects. In the summer of my third year of uni I went on a fieldwork module. Now no one save a few people who were mature students had done any fieldwork since a introduction module to fieldwork in year one which consisted of what was used in fieldwork and just one, one day fieldwork trip. I and other were nervous but we prevailed and everyone did very well. We managed to get the hang of it very quickly and despite some out standing summer weather to wear us down we came out of it better people.

What I felt like after the first few days, Artist : Unknown from danbooru.

Even though it was 2 straight weeks camping in stupid heat and terrible cold and horrible food (actually for me I was able to go home on a free day for some much needed TLC) we surived without being at each others throats and without being put off by the idea of fieldwork altogether. I learnt a lot more about archaeology fieldwork then I had from the introduction module despite it being only a 2 week dig. To sum up fieldwork can be fun as it means you aren’t doing long essays, you learn alot more and the social part can be very fun. The feeling of accomplishment when you find your first Neolithic flint peice is unlike any other, though not that important academically you can’t help put wonder in amazement as you touch something that has lay untouched for 10,000 years. (In archaeologist cases that is)

No biggie, its just 10,000 years old. (I don't smoke and its a bad idea to do so anyway around artifacts, cardon dating contamination etc) Artist : Unknown

Media of the day.

I like the idea of Dead Space, rather than playing generic space marine with gruff voice you play engineer (now with a gruff voice as part of an upgrade?)  The fact you were using engineering tools as weapons and you were facing an (at first) unknown horror appealed to me greatly and the Resident/Biohazard 4 style game play really feels smooth. Sounds, gameplay and graphics are all top notch but what it really has a failing in it for me was plot. Unitology or however it is spelt is not a good plot device to me and it feels too forced into your face. Sure having them worshipping the necromorphs was a good idea but when they ALL worship them without blindly without bit of consideration.

The general idea of Dead Space

I’m running out of steam on this post as I haven’t played it in a while. So I’ll be putting a future post about the Dead Space 2 Story DLC. Till then. Bye!

If the first thing you do is run, then its good design. Artist: Unknown from Danbooru.


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  1. Us first years are gonna go on our first digging this summer. We have a choice between a classic site and a prehistoric site, and I think I’m gonna go with the prehistoric one, though it’s not THAT prehistoric, “only” PPNC.

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