Hi I’m Sam and this is my first blog. Ever.

To help get this post off its feet and going I’ll explain where I got the name “notinpripyat” from. Not in Pripyat is just a statement really of where I’m not current located and out of all the places I’m not, I’m not in Pripyat. Pripyat is a Ukrainian city located next to the Chernobyl and one of the locations in a game that I would consider a favourite of mine, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat

As for the title of this first post its simply my most often used greetings online. I tend to not use these on Windows Live Messenger as I know the person much to well not to use their name.

Planks Of Fail

Current thoughts about making a blog.

Lets talk about Anime & Manga Societies as after all I now have almost 3 years of experience doing so.

One of the first things I discovered was how easy it was to be classed elitist. I am by no means elitist, yeah I am snobby but I’m not elitist by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not the person with posters of famous voice actors on thier wall nor am I the one who collects and listens to drama CDs. I just like a lot of different stuff which isn’t the big 3 of the anime & manga world and if I try to push something that isn’t well known I’m branded elitist. Not to even say I wouldn’t go near the big three, I did in my early days of high school watch Bleach on Youtube up to about episode 250 to which point had gotten bored of the plot and dropped it, I did have a few volumes of the manga but I sold them off when I wasn’t enjoying them much. I tried the first ten episodes and first volume of Naruto and really found it to not be my thing and what bugs me is when people expect you to have watched it and enjoyed it regardless. One Piece I won’t praise or hate as I haven’t read or watched it it any form save art work that floats around the internet and truth be told I would one day read it in the future if it wasn’t for the comments of hypocrisy against me if I did. To boil it down I’m only more knowledgeable about all of anime not elitist but if you try to take people out of their comfort zones then you are apparently an elitist. Well at least that’s what I think.

Really I wouldn’t want the Anime Society to become a place where people watch their favourite show as they can go home and do that. I want it to be a place where they can enjoy and experience new stuff but those days may be short lived.

Haters Going To hate

My reaction as of now.

Well to close up this post I’ll talk about a game.

I have just an hour before this post played the Crysis 2 Demo on the PC and I enjoyed it. Though I was slightly surprised at a lack of Graphical options to change (I may of be unable to find them in the fancy menu so this part may be redundant) The weird pre-sets graphics options named Advanced, Gamer etc were not exactly informative but were very very very well done in practice. Despite picking an option at random I found myself in game with not only a very nice looking game world and hud but also with 60 FPS. I was stunned, either they are using some very good graphical tricks/ their graphical capacity scanning of PC was spot on / The graphics engine is the best optimized one I’ve seen in ages. I played for a while not really knowing the controls (this was a multi player Demo so no tutorial from a single player section) but I stilled managed to come out on top showing either good adaptability or I was playing with people now so familiar with how a point and click game works. Needless to say I’ll cover this more after I’ve played some more.

The most used face when playing a game.

Well that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed it for a first post. Maybe I’ll get less awkward about it but till then.

Bye for now.

This picture and many others I’ll be posting come from either Danbooru or Pixiv. Nothing is ever mine as I have no art skill. If I can remember the artist I’ll credit them for what its worth.

A little Art?


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